Britta Martin 3rd in Iromnan France

Well done to Tineli athlete Britta Martin on her 3rd placing in Ironman France.

After a troubled lead-up Britta pulled out all the stops on race day putting in the second fastest bike leg to reach the start of the run in 3rd position. She ran up to 2nd place during the marthon but was caught in the latter stages by Italian Martina Doganaplace who who ran the fastest marathon split.

Britta Martin 3rd at Ironman France

Final Results
1/ Silvia Felt (GER): SWIM 01:01:27 BIKE 05:14:06 RUN 03:13:18 TOTAL 09:34:31
2/ Martina Dogana (ITA): SWIM 00:57:05 BIKE 05:38:44 RUN 03:04:09 TOTAL 09:45:56
3/ Britta Martin (GER): SWIM 01:00:54 BIKE 05:16:19 RUN 03:24:22 TOTAL 09:48:56


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