New Chamois - Contour Pro

We're changing to a new chamois for our men's custom and stock shorts.

Our existing Luxury Blue chamois almost has a cult following so we’ve been very reluctant to change anything. We’ve tested a number over the years and they’ve never matched up, but this new one is a standout and the feedback from the testers is that it is a definite improvement.

The new Contour Pro is based on the existing Luxury Blue so the shape and fit will be the same as you’re used to. It has a one piece mould for the upper surface, with heat bonded padding so there’s no stitching or seams to cause irritation.

The most impressive new feature is the surface texture with pressure relieving dimples. They compress down to be smooth when under load, but their shape returns when not under load to relieve pressure and increase airflow.

It really has to be tried to be believed.

The new chamois will be used in all custom orders placed from now on, and it will appear in our Tineli Collection shorts as the existing shorts sell through.

Our women’s chamois is next, it will undergo a similar upgrade in the coming months.

[caption id="attachment_763" align="alignnone" caption="The new Tineli Contour Pro chamois"]Contour Pro[/caption]


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