On Time Performance

Getting your custom gear on time is really important.

We can't state that strongly enough and we're disappointed each time we hear of disgruntled customers of other suppliers who have been lured in and let down by unrealistic promises.

We won't do that. We take pride in our reputation for delivering on time, every time.

In the interests of complete transparency we've decided to publish our on time performance stats. We're only human so we can't guarantee orders will never run late, but  this info will allow you to see for yourself how we're doing.

We've been recording these statistics since March and we're delighted to have a 100% record.

Tineli On Time Performance

How are these figures calculated? When you place an order with us we'll give you an estimated delivery date. These figures show what percentage of the time we've had the order completed and available on time according to that estimated delivery date. The figures don't include socks and gloves which come from a subcontractor and can be hard to give accurate delivery estimates. We know couriers are great but they sometimes cause delays. With these figures we want to show how reliable we are, so our calculations use the date that the order is finished and available for pick up by the domestic courier (or you should you want to pick it up).


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